Transcript: How To Invest In Real Estate to Create Wealth & Success Plus Strategies to Remove Mindset Blocks

Keisha Blair: Welcome to the Holistic Wealth Podcast. I’m your host Kesha Blair, wife, mother of three, author of Holistic Wealth and Founder of the Institute on Holistic Wealth. The show will showcase various experts in the key pillars of holistic wealth. Each week, we deliver the best information on how to become holistically, wealthy and live your best life.

Today. I have a very special guest with me. I have Malena Crawford and Malena is the author of the bestselling novel, A Fistful of Honey, a novel that was called a must read by Oprah Winfrey network’s, Iyanla Vanzant, who is now her teacher. Malena’s passion is transformation. She’s the founder of the Black Divine Feminine, a group on Facebook with 70 K followers and it’s a group dedicated to revolutionizing the way black women see and experience themselves. Malena traveled the world with her message of feeling wine that is informed from her own transformation from homelessness. And tragedy to a six-figure coaching and real estate business.

Wow. Malena, welcome to the show. We’re so we’re so happy to have you here.

Melena Crawford: Thank you so much, Keisha. I’m so excited to be here.

Keisha Blair: Thank you. So I just wanted to get started Malena with your journey because it just seems so amazing the journey you’ve had and you know, like we were talking previously, we have similar stories and yours starts with homelessness and tragedy and just this amazing journey. So, can you walk us through the homelessness period? And I know you had a battle with depression as well, so many people are battling with this pandemic. So if you could just tell us that story, that would be great.

Melena Crawford: Absolutely. So my story of homelessness, chaos, and all that really began in childhood and adolescence. So due to circumstances in my own parents’ journey, we found ourselves homeless. We were in and out of camps, sometimes shelters. I mean, we had homes, but we did find ourselves homeless. So that kind of set the stage for me as far as just a lack of self-worth a lot of feeling that there was something inherently flawed in me that I was having this experience.

So I think that set the stage for my adulthood, relationships and adulthood. And that’s where a lot of the depression came just getting into relationships that were unhealthy, that were toxic. And that were really just speaking to that Inner child, if you will, to her unworthiness really proving it and confirming it. So 2008 is where I really got my breakthrough and it was in the midst of losing a relationship that I gained myself, my sense of womanhood, my purpose in life and my passion for life. So I really, I called out to God, what is my purpose? What is my purpose? And I didn’t really expect an answer. I think I was just desperate for one, but I heard crystal clear to heal yourself and to heal women.

And so that’s where the spiritual journey, my spiritual transformation, you mentioned in your book, that’s when it happened. And I think when things break open, they really break through. And so that’s what happened for me. I had to. Find out who I was. And I also had to reconnect with my divinity, the real truth of myself.

Keisha Blair: So yes, that is amazing. So I have goosebumps already and we’ve just started. So, you know, reconnecting with your spirituality. That’s so true. And that resonates with me so much because that’s what I had to do in the midst of my tragedy as well. And that’s why, you know, in the book I talk about this spiritual transformation. Now, once you got that message from God telling you that were sure this was your purpose, because that in itself is like a gift. You know, that’s such a gift. How did you go forward with that message? How did you take that charge and run with it?

Melena Crawford: So in that time, and in so 2008, 13 years ago, I was very much in a Christian oriented box. My sisters were starting to introduce me to things like the secret and that kind of stuff, but I was still very kind of skeptical, but I knew in my heart that God meant spiritual healing. I knew that he didn’t mean go to medical school and go heal women physically. I just knew it had to do with their spirits and their hearts and my spirit and my heart.

So funny enough, we have a newsletter here that has all kinds of like spiritual products, spiritual services. And so on the cover of the newsletter, big like huge font, it was a chigong course. It was a four-day course. And immediately like my heart set a flutter, like this is where this is the first breadcrumb. This is where you need to go. And Xi gong is an energetic practice. It’s kind of like Tai Chi, but again, I was still very skeptical. Like, okay, I’m going to go, I’m going to follow, but I don’t know about this, but in the class I had a profound moment. Of just everything was confirmed. So we did this exercise where I felt my energy.

I could viscerally feel my energy, and I just felt so empowered in that moment. And it was a confirmation that yes, it is about spirit. It is about empowerment that might be outside the box of religion, but really into spirituality. So long story short. I started my journey at Innervisions the spiritual life coaching Institute. As I was healing, everything opened up the blueprint for healing. The blueprint for just renewal came alive. So it continued to 2013. I’m sure we’ll talk about the book later on but 2013 was a second profound experience that I had as far as healing

Keisha Blair: So you started on that track, and then the blueprint opened up to you? How did that segue into, you know, what you’re doing now? Is it that you just started the coaching practice once you were able to solidify in your head, how you wanted to go about working with women?

Melena Crawford: Yes. So we know that we cannot teach what we most need to learn. So as I was going about with my coaching practice, things would open up that I needed to still heal. And so, as I learned, I taught and I shared, so one of the things was just really taking responsibility for my healing. It wasn’t my fault. It’s not our fault, but it definitely is our responsibility. And I love what you talk about in your book Holistic Wealth about grit. And that’s what I was learning, how to have true grit, true resilience.

Through everything that I had gone through and was going through because I didn’t lose my mate to death, but I lost him to a breakup. And so, you know, becoming a single mother and all the shame and guilt that came with that. And then it broke open wounds from childhood. So dealing with that, but having the resilience, I think in your book Holistic Wealth you say something to the effect of just knowing what is truly a constraint and what’s not. So it helped me to really dig into my strength. And that’s what I mean about getting to know ourselves as women. Like this really hurts, and this brand new pain, a level of pain that I had not experienced. But I can get through this. This is not stopping me. This is actually serving me.

Life is actually for me as I walk through these valleys. Yeah. That’s how it came about. And so, as I was healing, as I was getting shined up and spirit was working with me, women were attracted to my message into what I was sharing and I just had such a passion for women’s empowerment. Like when, when the light bulb came on for me and I realized, I’m not a victim and no way am I a victim of life and I can transform anything that I don’t want, I can transform. So it just became just a passion of mine to share that with other women who had experienced wounding and experienced disempowerment in some way, like we truly have the power to create whatever we want, whether you came from poverty as I did, I completely transformed that from a choice that I’m going to have a different experience. And it is possible. Yeah,

Keisha Blair: Absolutely. And so Malena, now you have a real estate business, as well as the coaching business. And so it’s just amazing to me that you went from homelessness in your childhood to now being a real estate investor, which for you must be just amazing. So can you tell us how that started? And I also want to know what advice and tips you’d have for women who want to invest in real estate, but they probably lack the cashflow or the capital to do so. And especially during COVID, you know, in light of that too.

Melena Crawford: Yeah. So I bought my first property at 24. And so what I did was kind of snowball. So I ended up paying that off. And the house appreciated. So appreciation for anybody who’s a beginner, your house is going up in value. It went up in value over a hundred thousand dollars within maybe four years of me buying it. So I would take that out and buy more properties. So that’s definitely a strategy that a lot of investors use. Real estate is such a powerful tool for wealth. I think if it’s not the most powerful is we know the markets fluctuate. Although here in the U S in my area, the pandemic has been very good to the real estate market, at least for sellers, because our values are going out of control, but even if the market went down, everyone needs a house.

You always need somewhere to live. So real estate for me was just a natural investment. And so to anyone starting out who doesn’t have the cashflow for one thing to think about partnering, you can think about who might have more capital than you, but it is willing to join in. And you can maybe share a percentage if you decide to fix and flip.

If you have a retirement account. And you can take, I wouldn’t take a lot, but if you can take a little to put towards a down payment on a property, can do that one thing. If your market is very high or very saturated, you can look at other markets. So right now I look across different States for investments. Markets that are up and coming or markets that are kind of overlooked. Lisa Phillips, if you go on Facebook, she has an amazing group for markets under $50,000 and $30,000. So that is a small cap investment and she’s got a Facebook group that is a wonderful way to get into the real estate market. So if you are putting money down on a $30K investment, I mean, if you needed even 10%, that’s not a terrible amount of money to put out.

I think those are the best ways to invest. You might take money from your retirement account, or you just saved it up there. Also, if you are a first-time home buyer, there’s so many programs that will grant you money to get started. My strategy now is to really look at multiunit. So triplexes quads and things like that.

So you can do something called “house-hacking” where you live in the property, and you also have your tenants living in the same property, but as you’re, if they are paying you rent, you’re getting your mortgage paid. So that’s a really powerful way to do things. And I’m not sure about Canada, but there are programs here in the U S that will help you do that.

So you can get an FHA to do that. I believe. Freddie Mac will help you do that. So, yeah, there are just so many ways. There’s so many possibilities. If it’s in your heart to do real estate, do it because the money is there. The opportunity is there, but first and foremost, Get the education, know what you’re getting into. That’s why I highly recommend Lisa Phillips so that you are not getting taken by a scam so that you are not getting into a situation. That’s going to be more costly than profitable, so you really know what you’re doing. So you have so many resources available to you and I believe. And I know that anything is possible and real estate just, it accrues so much wealth in such a shorter amount of time than saving. In my opinion. I just think it’s such a powerful, powerful tool in your investment portfolio and something

Keisha Blair: I also talk about in my book, Holistic Wealth, and, you know, I have firsthand knowledge, because just like you, I’m invested in real estate and found it to be such a resilient investment. And, you know, especially for women, for so many reasons, it’s such a powerful tool. And I completely agree with everything you said Malena. And so you have the coaching business, you have real estate and so Malena, in terms of your coaching business, because this is also a show about entrepreneurship, and so many female entrepreneurs have been telling us about how they built from ground up, whether it’s the coaching business or another kind of business, how they acquired their clients and started to build profitably. And I know we haven’t touched on that yet. So before we get into the book, which I also want to hear about, can you just tell us how you grew the business? Your client acquisition methods, how you got your coaching clients?

Melena Crawford: So I started off with all women, any woman who was looking into get through blocks and so forth. Now, my focus is really on heart-centered entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs who need to remove inner blocks in order to have, have that success in their businesses. And so the there’s a holistic part of me. I always think of things energetically. So you must align your energy. And really know who it is that you want to serve. And really be excited about your clients and your tribe. When you have that alignment, everything that’s going to come your way, because it’s going to take time to build the clientele, to test your products, your coaching, all that out.

But when you have that excitement, you have that zeal and it’s aligned with what you’re doing. You will go far, no matter what you’ll be able to, to keep moving. So as far as clientele, most of mine has been word of mouth and also just visibility. So once we’re aligned there with share what you love, share why you love doing what you’re doing, really get out there and put your energy out there when you’re first starting out.

And it’s just energy. They will be attracted to you. They will receive what it is you’re putting out there. They will want to know more about you. They will know, like, and trust you, which is the key, really to building your business, let them get to know you, let them like you or not. Whoever does doesn’t like you, you know, will fade into the sunset. But those who like you will love you and let them trust you. When you put your products out there, do it with excellence. When you put your, um, workshops or whatever it is, whether it’s free or low cost or it’s your bigger budget products and offerings, put everything out there and excellence in mind, your intentions when you’re putting it out there, you know, just.

Be intentional about everything. And it’s not a miracle it’s energy. It’s I guess you would call it the law of attraction, but yeah. It starts with you and how you feel about your business and yeah. So clients started coming in that way, doing things like this, podcasting networking with other women entrepreneurs and just being authentic as you possibly can and then aside from the business practice is the inner game. So it’s all about being confident to not only put yourself out there, but receive payment, receive, you know, what you deserve for your services. And that really counts a lot for your success as a coach.

Keisha Blair: And so Malena, you wrote this book and it’s a novel, which is amazing. Can you tell us more about the book and how you decided to write a novel?

Melena Crawford: So my second profound experience that I had that changed my life was in 2013 and Trayvon Martin’s murderer had just gotten off. And I was absolutely livid with God. Like I just couldn’t believe that we were still in 2013 and black and Brown people were still experiencing this level of injustice. So I had another prayer, another on my knees moment, like, tell me why, you know, I want answers. And so what came back to me? That night and every morning, rather from like 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM, like clockwork, the next two months, the answers the truth about black people in human history, the truth about our true worth and majesty and all of that.

And so I was also given the nudge to tell my own story and tell it all now, of course, You know my work is fiction. It’s not all my life, like some of the art or topics. I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone, but it’s not all my life, but it was like a cathartic process, you know? And so, yeah, I really did not set out to write a novel, which is the funny part, but, you know, God saw it differently, but I’ve always loved writing. I’ve been writing since I was seven years old. So, yeah, so I wrote the journey of myself, which is Malena. And I gave the world Alina who is the protagonist. And, you know, she had all my old woundings. She had issues with her skin complexion. She had issues with being a black woman, thought that wealth and status were going to cover her pain and it did not, as a result, she was not the best person. She was sitting, you know, that a lot of judgment for her own people and for her own family. And so in the book, you watch Alina come out of this superficial and wounded place. And really understand the wounds that not only she had, but a lot of black women have a lot of women have even men.

She has a hero’s journey and she’s got to, she finds out that she’s part of this ancient set that she is chosen to save humanity. And so it’s this adventure. Through all of these, you know, different realms, different characters, amazing characters, where she really has to learn who she is and learn to love those parts of herself, herself, that she tried to cast the way. And so, yeah, it’s like the completion of my healing inside of a book.

Keisha Blair: Amazing. And there’s something that you said earlier when you just started that really intrigued me, like you mentioned the answer you got from God and you mentioned our story our history from ancient civilization. And I just want to hear just a bit more about that because we’ve been having that discussion in our family too. And, you know, with recent events, with the George Floyd trial just a few days ago with a verdict and for all black people around the world, that was highly emotional. I mean, I’m covered in goosebumps now. It was so emotional for all of us. I mean, we held our breath before the verdict. And so Malena, if you could just give a few insights into the message that you got and you know, your thoughts on where we go from here, that would be great.

Melena Crawford: So black people, this is science. This is not just my opinion. We birthed humanity. We are the sons and daughters who started everything. And so there was a lot that happened that went wrong in the beginning. And I think a lot of it had to be corrected, which you’ll see in the book, but there are forces that want to divide all of humanity, but most of all black people, because we’ve been lied to about who we are about our value, especially, you know, the diaspora we’ve been told that we’re worthless. We’ve been told that our history is evil. We’ve been told that who we are at our core is so flawed that we’re just three fifths, of a person. And so that lie has lived in our DNA and it had to be corrected.

And so it’s all about remembering who we are, you know, like we have so much power, just innate spiritual power, that there are forces that want to push that down. And we can see it in the laws that started the USA. I am not proficient in Canadian laws, but, you know, with the Dred Scott decision and all of that stuff. So when we refute that and defy that lie, defy those lies of inferiority. That’s when we will have our victory and it’s not just a victory for black people, it’s a victory for all of humanity because we really set the pace. And so in order to move forward I’ll call it a curse from the past, you know, selling brothers and sisters off to slavery, but even before slavery, just to tribalism and all that is the disunity, the disunity of black people.

If we could unify and truly come together and realize that we’ve all been under this lie. We will heal it all. We will heal it all. We will heal the injustice and just look at how we’ve come together. Of course, it’s not just been black peoples spend all of our brothers and sisters and humanity, but look what we’ve been able to do with the unified voice of no, we’re not taking it anymore. You know, we’re not taking it anymore. And so it’s so crucial right now to get this message to our children. You know, that it’s a lie that you are inferior because I feel like I’m trying to be really careful here so yeah the portrayal that we have in the media, I feel like the oversexualized portrayal of black women and just overly aggressive and violent and portrayal of black men, then that’s all been part of this machine, you know? And so if you feel like this is you and this is all you can aspire to, and yeah, you’re unworthy and everybody else around you is worthy, and you have to apologize for your skin color.

You have to apologize for being black and all this crap then what will the future look like? If that is your identity? You know, like it’s all very deliberate to create an identity of inferiority and we really have to get into our kids’ mind. Like, yeah, you truly not inferior. Like you’re Royal, you are royalty. You are majestic. You set the pace for humanity. You have to remember that. And walk tall. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about you. You go out there knowing who you are and when you have, when you have a child that walks through the world with that sort of confidence, the outcome is very different than generation will be very different.

It will be a generation that won’t accept disunity and injustice and all that stuff. So I have faith in, I don’t know how old your boys are, but I have a gen Z daughter. So I really have a lot of hope for them. You know, that they will be the generation that will defy this life. That’s been running through our veins and just really correct our course. You know, really correct our course. I think that is it the sense of unworthiness that has manifested itself in all, all kinds of pain in our relationships, in things that we, as a community have allowed, but I have faith that that is healing. I have faith that we are waking up. We’re getting to a critical mass, maybe not in my lifetime, but we’re getting to critical mass where it’s like no more.

This is going to be a totally changed earth, a new earth, which I talk about in the book and you’re right. There’s  so much healing that’s needed. There’s so, so, so much healing and Mylene. I know you have that Facebook group that reaches. Over 70 K women, which is amazing. And it’s basically geared towards that, which is also great because that’s still needed in the community and for so many reasons, because the trauma just multiplies and multiplies.

KEISHA BLAIR: So it’s amazing. And so, you know, in my book, Holistic Wealth, like I remember when I went through my tragedy and I was going through my healing. There was something that just opened up to me. And it’s in the realm of finances, this aspect of finances now. And, like so many women, I questioned myself and even though I’m a trained economist and I’ve written budgets at the highest level and done these amazing things, like I still questioned everything.

And so readers came back and they said, you talked about this financial identity that everyone should have their own personal financial identity. Can you tell us how to identify oars? And at the time I didn’t have anything. And so during the first part of lockdown, like I worked on it to try to help readers identify theirs, and then came up with this Personal Identity Framework and this free quiz to help everyone, because I think it’s such a critical part of who we are, how we make decisions and how we develop our confidence. I know you took the quiz. So I love to hear your results and how it’s, you know, impacted your money philosophy and, and how you go about how it influences the decisions you take in your own business and in your own personal life, maybe even as a parent. I’m so eager to hear about that because I’ve been getting so many insights from so many wonderful guests about this personal financial identity quiz. So I’ll stop talking now and let you tell the audience your results.

Melena Crawford: I just want to say thank you so much for introducing that to the world because that’s a huge pillar of self-empowerment is financial empowerment. So I am a Risk Taker according to your quiz.

Keisha Blair: Yeah. And so does that resonate with what you thought you would be and in your life so far?

Melena Crawford: Oh, for sure. Yeah, just being the first one in my family to start investing, like that’s, that was a huge risk. Yeah. But I’ve always had to take calculated risks. I think you also mentioned that in the book, I am definitely a calculated risk taker. And sometimes, you know, I’ll just leap, you’re doing this, we’re doing this. But that’s, that’s how I look at my investment. The way that I invest. It’s like you have to take a risk. I bought a multiunit at the height of COVID, but it was just such a great deal. And a lot of investors were like, there don’t buy anything until this is all over. And it’s just something inside of me.

And it’s like, no, I’m, I’m going to take it the risk, you know? And, now because of the way the market flipped, I don’t think anybody saw coming with the values went way up. The prices went way up because of the low inventory when I calculate the risk. And I think about. You know, what, what can the outcome be? What are the possibilities here? That’s the way that I live my life.

Keisha Blair: That’s amazing. And so you bought it at the beginning. It was at the beginning of COVID and now it’s gone up in value?

Melena Crawford: Yeah, I bought it in May of last year, which we’d been in quarantine for two months at that point. And yeah, the values have gone ridiculously crazy. Since I bought last year, if I had waited, if I had not taken the risk, I wouldn’t have gotten into that market. It just would have been too high for me to do. It’s a

Keisha Blair: Great example of taking a risk in a time where everybody’s nervous and everybody’s anxious, you know, about money and, and where this is all heading and just life in general, you know? And so definitely the Risk-Taker and that’s amazing. I mean, you can see it with your real estate business and your philosophy on using leverage. And you mentioned earlier in the podcast about using equity in a home and pulling that out to then reinvest it into multiple properties, which some people might find very risky, but that’s definitely an investment strategy that can pay huge dividends when you think of building a real estate portfolio, and so Malena is real estate, because I know you have the coaching business. So you have the streams of income there. And then you have the real estate. So which one is the larger in your portfolio? Like if you were to look at your different streams of income and you know, which one would you say is strongest?

Melena Crawford: Real estate by far, I have pretty nice passive income from real estate. And then of course you’re not just getting rental income. You’re also getting appreciation in your properties. So real estate blesses you doubly. Even if you’re doing a house-hack, like I mentioned before, then you have even your housing taken care of. I’m not house hacking, but definitely real estate.

Keisha Blair: I know, it’s kind of the same for me. And I know the listeners who are listening in and are wondering, as you mentioned, having the courses, you have the books, the real estate. So there’s a lot of different lines of income coming in. I know for courses though, it might not be as passive in terms of the work that goes in to get clients in. Because I know with courses, there are multiple people running webinars and workshops to get clients, to buy into the courses. Whereas with real estate, you get a renter, you set it, it’s automatic. You get your rent every month, you get your income and it’s going up in value too, you know? So yeah, the course is not so passive, but real estate for sure has the edge in terms of giving you the freedom. And this is what I, you know, I even mentioned in my book Holistic Wealth about giving you the freedom to take a break.

Melena Crawford: Oh yes. And I love what you said about a sabbatical for one. Let me just admit this. I am a lady of leisure. I am not a hustler. I do not like all that grinding now, real estate, you know, sometimes you do have to hustle a little, like if you, you have a rehab or renovation, you gotta like, it takes some energy, but you are doing all that work one time, you know, to get to secure your investment and then you can relax. But I’m a lady of leisure. I like to live my life. And, you know, as clients come into the coaching business, that is beautiful. I don’t like when coaches feel so stressed and so pressed to get clients, then, Oh my God, I have to fill this spot because then your authenticity kind of shakes because now you’re thinking about sustenance.

I like to just be easy about things there’s more than enough coming in. Thank you for the real estate. And, you know, as the clients come in with the coaching, they come, whoever’s attracted to me. They come. I think that’s, that’s one of the many reasons real estate is so powerful because it allows you to breathe. We’re not saying that things don’t happen with your properties, but by and large, you can relax. As in once you’ve put in the work, you know, in the front end, you can really relax in the backend and let your work pay you. I just. Absolutely love real estate for that.

Keisha Blair: Yes absolutely. And it’s so amazing when I listened to you speak and you’re the Risk Taker and I am too, I think the motivation there behind the Risk-Taker is to take that risk at the front end, so you can like have that moment of pause. And I know for me, that’s always been my goal. And even before I went through that tragedy, it was my goal. And so, you know, having been through the tragedy and having to take that pause, because I didn’t have a choice. My husband died like eight weeks after I gave birth. It really brought it home to me, Malena how important that pillar of your portfolio is. And so now I help women design their own Holistic Wealth Portfolios. And now I’m biased because already I’m like, well, if I can’t see how you would take that pause, you know, already there’s a problem with the Holistic Wealth Portfolio, you know? And so I’m happy for the wisdom that you’ve shared and that the wisdom that we have and that we can pass on to other women. Through our own experience and empower them to make those decisions in their lives that, you know, that will get them to the place they want to be. And so Malena. Just ending can you tell the audience where they can find you your website, and your social media accounts?

Melena Crawford: they can find me on

That’s M a L E N a And you can find me on Instagram at Molina Crawford, and you can always email me or DM me at either one of those. And then they can get the novel on Amazon Books-A-Million or Barnes and noble.

Keisha Blair: Thank you so much for sharing your story, your journey, which has been amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. Like we had a great time and. I’m so grateful that you shared your wisdom with our audience.

Melena Crawford: Oh, it was my pleasure. Thank you.

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