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Keisha Blair's Personal Financial Identity Quiz

The Personal Financial Identity quiz is a tool developed by Keisha Blair, an award-winning and bestselling author. The quiz was created to meet the demand of readers who have read her book, Holistic Wealth (Expanded and Updated): 36 Life Lessons to Help You Recover from Disruption, Find Your Life Purpose, and Achieve Financial Freedom. The purpose of the quiz is to help individuals better understand their personal financial identity, which can assist them in achieving their goals, understanding others, and planning for the future.

The quiz is a valuable resource that can help individuals identify their unique financial tendencies, preferences, and behaviors. It can help individuals better understand their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing their finances. Furthermore, the quiz can help individuals identify the financial tendencies of others, such as spouses, parents, business partners, and managers. By understanding the tendencies of others, individuals can work with them more effectively, thus reducing conflict and increasing productivity.

The Personal Financial Identity quiz is a short, free quiz that takes about six minutes to complete. It poses a series of questions that are designed to help individuals identify their personal financial identity. The answers to the quiz are confidential, ensuring that individuals can answer honestly without fear of judgment.

In addition to the Personal Financial Identity quiz, Keisha Blair’s book Holistic Wealth offers many valuable insights and strategies for achieving financial success and overall happiness. The book emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to wealth, including not just financial wealth, but also physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Blair draws on her own personal experiences, as well as extensive research and interviews with experts, to provide practical advice for readers. The book includes 32 life lessons, each with a specific action plan that readers can implement in their own lives.

Overall, Holistic Wealth and the Personal Financial Identity quiz are both valuable resources for anyone seeking to improve their financial and overall well-being. They offer a fresh and holistic perspective on wealth, and provide actionable strategies for achieving success and happiness in all aspects of life.

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Are you constantly checking your bank account balances?

If I have extra money, I'd rather put it in savings than spend it.

You learn to do without.

You believe that your success is in direct proportion to risks you are willing to take?

You feel passionate in every risk you take?

I take risks often and continuously to achieve goals.

I rarely buy things impulsively I don't like spending.

Are you constantly thinking about your next investment move?

I am always worried if I will have enough money.

Do money worries keep you up at night?

You use things until they're completely worn out.

When I charge money to my credit card I pay it off almost immediately.

I like to buy the highest quality product, no matter the price.

I am ok with carrying large credit card balances every month.

I have a hard time making money decisions and question myself after a decision is made.

I like to spend when I am happy or to celebrate an occasion.

Money makes me nervous.

I like going on lavish vacations.

I am comfortable getting into debt.

It is important to me that I reach certain money milestones by a certain age.

Personal Financial Identity Quiz - Developed by Keisha Blair

The Maximalist (“The Lavish Spender/Go large or Go home”) You’re the life of the party – you love making others happy – even if it means going over budget to do it (maybe a lot over budget sometimes?). You like the best things (or the lavish things) in life – like designer shoes, you drive an expensive car, and your home is Architecture Digest-worthy. To learn more about your financial identity and to harness its strengths so you can be more successful, take the financial identities course.

The Minimalist (“Simple Living/Keep It Simple”) Your mantra in life is simple living at its core and you prefer simplicity in everything. You don’t feel like you need to follow the crowd with your spending or investment habits. You are willing to take on only minimal risk (on consumer spending) because your mantra is simple living. To learn more about your financial identity and to harness its strengths so you can be more successful, take the financial identities course.
Anxious Spender

The Anxious Spender/Investor (“Money equals Stress/Anxiety”) The Anxious spender/investor is as the name suggests, a conservative, risk-averse personality but with the added layer of also being worried about money issues and a tendency to become anxious about making money decisions. To learn more about your financial identity and to harness its strengths so you can be more successful, take the financial identities course.
Risk Taker

Rising Inflation, and the High Cost of Living

The Risk Taker (“Always on the Lookout for the Next Deal”) As a Risk-Taker, you tend to take on more risk than average in an effort to accumulate more assets and investments, and with a view to furthering certain financial, entrepreneurial and lifestyle goals that you’ve outlined for yourself. To learn more about your financial identity and to harness its strengths so you can be more successful, take the financial identities course.

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Personal Financial Identity Quiz

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Just as important, knowing other people’s personal financial identities helps us to work with them more effectively. Spouses, parents, business partners, managers, can take advantage of this framework to help reduce conflict. All of our courses feature learning modules, case studies, and structured activities to help learners develop critical thinking skills to improve their lives.  This course is self-paced and is a video course supplemented by other materials.