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Elevate your organization’s special event with a dynamic and unforgettable keynote by our Founder and CEO Keisha Blair

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” Overcoming the battle of the mind and the soul…” resonated with me in hearing Keisha Blair – Holistic Wealth share the #holisticwealth approach, her journey, her groundbreaking book, and all the extended work.

Thank you so much Keisha for joining The Women’s Edge Leadership Live event and making this such a special evening for many women in providing not just inspiration, but real life and career tools.


Galina Russell

Keisha Blair – HolisticWealth was an amazing guest speaker and shared some great advice on financial resilience and building strong foundation for success based on her own life experience. Would recommend everyone to read Keisha’s book Holistic Wealth!

Nikita Ahmed, Kauffman Rossin

Keisha, what an honor it was to have you join us today! Thank you!! Your books are a hot commodity around here and the conversation about what kind of spender are you is the talk of the school! Thank you for your time, energy, and wisdom. We so look forward to continuing to connect.

Dr. Chelsea Kirk, Executive Director The Goodwill Excel Center

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    Leadership Training

    The Institute on Holistic Wealth starts with members of your organization taking a deep dive into engaging material and discussions. We offer three training options that can each be taken as a stand-alone training session or consecutively. The maximum number of participants per session is 50 people.

    Mobilizing for Holistic Wealth:
    Part 1


    Mobilizing for Holistic Wealth:
    Part 2


    Advancing The Holistically Wealthy Workplace


    Training packages include a pre- and post-meeting with organizational leadership and key stakeholders to assess organizational strengths and pain points.


    Holistic Wealth & Wellness Audit

    • We can assess your organization’s practices and policies or your institution’s educational curriculum to identify inequitable trends or patterns.

    • Upon completion of the audit, we will present your organization with a comprehensive report, including analysis and recommendations.

    Organizational Assessment

    • We will gather quantitative and qualitative feedback through one-on-one interviews, focus groups and web-based surveys.

    • Based on our findings, we develop recommendations and action plans to support achievement of your organizational goals and objectives.

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