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What Are Money Blocks (20 Money Blocks to Release to Achieve Financial Freedom)

In this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Keisha Blair, we have an exciting solo episode on what are money blocks (20 money blocks to release to achieve financial freedom). We’re in the midst of a high-inflation period, with rising gas prices, rising food prices and rising interest rates – which can cause financial stress and serve to reinforce existing money blocks. Money Blocks can result in a lifetime of unfulfilled dreams, and financial stress. Money blocks can also result in millions of dollars in lifetime losses as well as financial anxiety and trauma.

In this episode I will walk you through the process of identifying money blocks (including ancestral money blocks) as well as strategies to release them so you can achieve financial freedom. In the NEW Holistic Wealth Expanded and Updated: 36 Life Lessons To Help You Recover From Disruption, Find Your Life Purpose and Achieve Financial Freedom, there are many strategies throughout to help you release money blocks and master the “Art of Recovery From Disruption”. The Trauma of Money Certification program at the Institute on Holistic Wealth is packed with transformational strategies to help release money blocks and develop a new relationship with money. Tune in to listen to this episode of the Holistic wealth podcast with Keisha Blair.

What Are Money Blocks (20 Money Blocks to Release to Achieve Financial Freedom)

What are Money Blocks?

Money blocks are false belief about money. Money blocks can be a series of thought patterns, habits and behaviours that actually block financial freedom. Ancestral money blocks, are essentially false beliefs about money passed down from your ancestors, that prevent you from achieving financial success. A great place to start to try to figure out your ancestral money blocks is looking back at what your parents or caregivers, were saying about money. What was the generation before that saying about money and really looking at the lineage of how money was talked about and related to how much you felt worthy of what you thought you could and couldn’t do.

What Are Money Blocks (20 Money Blocks to Release to Achieve Financial Freedom)

20 Common Money Blocks to Release in Order To Achieve Financial Freedom

Here’s a quick list of 20 money blocks (Listen to the full episode of the podcast for strategies and tips to overcome money blocks):

  1. Net Worth Equals Self-Worth – A major money block is the belief system that your net worth is tied to your self-worth and that having a certain salary or title – or a certain net worth makes you better or worst than others. Inevitably, this belief system can lead to disaster, if your self worth is constantly tied to your net worth. On any given day, or any given life-altering setback, it could mean that you see yourself (or someone else) as a failure.
  2. Negative Self Talk – Negative self-talk is a drain on your inner resources and will prevent you from achieving holistic wealth.
  3. Comparing Yourself to Others – Comparison to others puts you into an energy and mind frame of lack and scarcity. When you release this money block, and channel gratitude instead, you will begin to feel more abundant.
  4. Goals Not Aligned with Your Purpose – Mis-alignment of goals can cause a lack of focus and confusion, resulting in loss of income, and resources mis-aligned.
  5. Limiting Beliefs (Money is evil) – Think of all your decisions as either a depletion or addition to your holistic wealth bank account – and focus on activities that enrich you.
  6. Lack of Forgiveness for Past Money Mistakes – forgiving yourself for past money mistakes reduces financial anxiety and builds money confidence.
  7. Negative Emotions (E.g., Grudges, Jealousy) – Letting go of negative emotions, getting connected with friends and loved ones reduces negative emotions.
  8. Avoiding Your Finances – can be catastrophic and will actually prevent you from achieving financial freedom. It also considered a “money disorder”.
  9. Not Listening to Your Intuition – Let your inner GPS guide you. Remember your “why” and embrace your mission and purpose (refocus and re-energize).
  10. Scarcity Mentality – In theHolistic Wealth Personal Workbookthe major characteristics of the scarcity mindset are outlined in detail. People who languish in a scarcity mindset are convinced that abundance is scarce, so they think of life in terms of win-lose terms.
  11. Seeing Life as a Zero-Sum Game – This belief system sees the world as a zero-sum game. If someone else has more – it means I will have less and vice-versa.
  12. Confuses Real vs. Fake Constraints – fake constraints aren’t real but we sometimes convince ourselves that they are. This leads to fake barriers to success.
  13. Seeing Financial Setbacks as permanent – seeing any setback as permanent and not temporary can prevent you from bouncing back and moving forward.
  14. Lack of Self- Belief – lack of self-belief leads to fear, anxiety and goals left unaccomplished.
  15. Worshipping Money – Believing that money is the “be all and end all” can lead to stress, burnout, debt and negatively affect other areas of your life.
  16. Using Money as a Status Symbol – spending a lot of time trying to impress other people, or making other people feel bad because they don’t have as much money to spend, is a toxic trait. It can also lead to financial ruin.
  17. Fears Taking Measured Risks – taking measured risks is necessary to achieve certain goals.
  18. Limited view of financial/economic resources – believing that the more we deploy them – the more scarcity will follow. What is more important is the “how” and “why”.
  19. Values Self Above All Else – Acting primarily out of ego is another money block.
  20. Not Engaging in Constant Self-renewal – Money mindlessness is a sure way of getting off track with financial goals. Mindfulness, gratitude, and renewing yourself on a daily basis is critical.
What Are Money Blocks (20 Money Blocks to Release to Achieve Financial Freedom)

What Are Money Blocks (20 Money Blocks to Release to Achieve Financial Freedom)

What You Will Learn

  • Why its so important to start identifying and releasing money blocks now, including some lessons and context from the NEW Holistic Wealth Expanded and Updated book by Keisha Blair.

  • Learn why having a scarcity mindset is often the foundation for a myriad of money blocks, and how to get rid of a scarcity mindset.

  • Learn how money trauma, financial anxiety are related to money blocks.

  • Learn why embracing your purpose in life is critical to reducing stress and finding more meaning in life.

  • How the Holistic Wealth Method (developed by Keisha Blair and outlined in Holistic Wealth) helps you to effectively release money blocks to achieve financial freedom.

  • Learn why releasing money blocks and become self-aware about your own personal relationship with money so you can begin to re-write your own personal money story is so important. That process begins with knowing your own personal financial identity.

  • Learn how to start honouring your own money story to help identify your own money blocks to abundance (including ancestral money blocks). The Personal Financial Identities Framework based on Holistic Wealth, along with a free quiz  can help you identify your own personal financial identity.

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