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Surrogacy at 63 Years Old Plus the Science of Getting Rich For Women with Sara Connell

Surrogacy at 63 Years Old Plus the Science of Getting Rich For Women with Sara Connell

In this compelling episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast, our special guest is Sara Connell, bestselling author and Founder of the Thought Leader Academy. Sara opted for surrogacy after her 63-year-old mom offered to carry her baby.

In this episode, we also discussed money trauma and The Science Of Getting Rich for Women. Sara Connell is a bestselling author and founder of Thought Leader Academy where she helps coaches, writers and entrepreneurs become successful, published authors and TEDx/ in-demand speakers.

Sara has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The View, FOX, TEDx, and Katie Couric.  During our conversation, Sara shared accounts of the challenges she encountered while navigating infertility and miscarriage.

At the heart of today’s episode is the extraordinary story of Sara Connell’s mother, who defied societal norms and carried Sara’s baby at the age of 63. This incredible act of love and determination challenges conventional expectations and reminds us that age is just a number.
We dive into the emotional journey, the hurdles they faced, and the ultimate joy that transcended all boundaries.

Surrogacy at 63 Years Old Plus the Science of Getting Rich For Women with Sara Connell

As the founder of The Thought Leader Academy, Sara Connell has dedicated her life to empowering individuals to share their unique voices with the world. We explore the inspiration behind creating this platform and the transformative impact it has had on countless thought leaders, helping them cultivate their messages and make a meaningful difference.

Sara Connell’s latest book, “The Science of Getting Rich for Women,” dives into the principles of abundance and prosperity. Drawing upon her extensive research and personal experiences, she unveils the mindset shifts, practical strategies, and actionable steps that can lead anyone toward a life of true wealth.
We discuss the key insights from her book and how they can be applied to achieve abundance in various aspects of life.

Unveiling Money Trauma: Sara Connell courageously shares her personal journey of unravelling the money trauma that had its roots in her Catholic upbringing.
We explore how societal and religious conditioning can contribute to the formation of negative money stories, fostering a scarcity mindset and limiting beliefs around abundance. By becoming aware of these patterns, Sara embarked on a transformative path toward healing.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Holistic Wealth Expanded and Updated: 36 Life Lessons To Help You Recover From Disruption, Find Your Life Purpose and Achieve Financial Freedom by Keisha Blair.

The Science of Getting Rich For Women by Sara Connell

The Holistic Wealth Personal Workbook by Keisha Blair

The Trauma of Money Certification Program – Institute on Holistic Wealth

Surrogacy at 63 Years Old Plus the Science of Getting Rich For Women with Sara Connell

Surrogacy at 63 Years Old Plus the Science of Getting Rich For Women with Sara Connell

What You Will Learn

Lessons Learned and Inspirational Takeaways: Throughout the podcast episode, Sara Connell left us with several powerful lessons and inspirational takeaways:

  1. Money Trauma Awareness: Recognizing the impact of societal and religious conditioning on our relationship with money. Understand how negative money stories can be deeply ingrained and affect our mindset and behaviors.
  2. Challenging Limiting Beliefs: Taking steps to identify and reframe negative money stories. Shifting perspectives by questioning and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts and beliefs about abundance and wealth.
  3. Healing and Forgiveness: Embracing healing practices to release money wounds. Cultivating self-compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude as tools to heal past traumas and create space for a healthier relationship with money.
  4. Cultivating Self-Worth: Recognizing your inherent worthiness of abundance. Developing a strong sense of self-worth and deservingness, allowing yourself to receive and embrace financial empowerment.
  5. Conscious Parenting: Fostering open conversations about money with children. Teaching financial literacy and instilling positive values around money from an early age to empower them with a healthy money mindset.
  6. Financial Empowerment: Embrace a new narrative of abundance and financial empowerment. Take charge of your financial well-being, set goals, and take intentional actions that align with your values and desired outcomes.
  7. Rewriting Your Money Story: Understand that you have the power to rewrite your money story. Embrace a growth mindset, challenge societal norms, and create a new narrative that supports your financial abundance and well-being.

Healing money trauma and reshaping our relationship with money is a journey that requires self-reflection, self-compassion, and intentional action. By integrating these key takeaways into your life, you can transform your money mindset and cultivate holistic wealth and abundance.

Surrogacy at 63 Years Old Plus the Science of Getting Rich For Women with Sara Connell

Topic: Surrogacy at 63 Years Old Plus the Science of Getting Rich For Women with Sara Connell

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