This self-paced, online sabbatical planning course is inspired by Keisha Blair's highly successful, one-year tropical sabbatical as outlined in her book Holistic Wealth. The benefits of a wellness sabbatical are many. 


  • Pre-Planning Your Sabbatical
  • Your Personal Mission & Sabbatical Planning
  • Setting Goals for Your Sabbatical
  • Financial Planning for Your Sabbatical
  • Your Financial Identity and Planning Your Sabbatical
  • Planning For Your Sabbatical – Logistics
  • Sabbatical Planning Checklist
  • Sabbatical Planning Resources

Become A Certified Holistic Wealth™ Consultant
This Course is non-refundable and ineligible for return, it’s 100% Online and Self-Paced

“Such a moving excerpt from Keisha Blair’s book “Holistic Wealth”: “Our education system teaches about linearity, not about what to do when this linear pattern breaks, not where to look for resilience, not the art of recovery from disruption” 

Arianna Huffington

Founder, Huffington Post, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global, 5X International Bestselling Author


Amy Baczkowski, Emmy Award-Winning Producer (including former Story Writer at Oprah’s Favorite Things), and 5x Emmy Award Nominee and and Producer of the Mel Robbins Show: “We loved Your Book!”. The Mel Robbins Show loved the book.

The Mel Robbins Show


This book is about financial independence and so much more. Keisha Blair has a really powerful story, and in 2020 people can really identify with this story. 2020 has been such a surprise for many people. I think many of us could use this book to overcome what we have been going through in 2020.  Keisha Blair – yeah…she’s rad – it’s a great book! I really connected with the book and I really enjoyed it. It’s a really fun book.” 

A Beautiful Mess Podcast


Copying course content while pursuing the certification program is NOT allowed and will be subject to legal action. All Certified Holistic Wealth Consultants can purchase their material licence and set their own rates to consult with their clients after successfully completing the programme. 

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT ALSO AVAILABLE THROUGH YOUR EMPLOYER Payment Plans are available, Contact Us for more information.