In this very exciting episode you will hear from a worldwide leader in creating rapid change for life’s difficult problems – Wendi Friesen. Since 1994 her website has influenced the lives of millions worldwide and brought insight, wisdom and spiritual growth to people in need. Wendi is described by her colleagues as a powerful healer, teacher and a creative marketing expert, she is one of the most loved transformational trainers in the world.

As a flat broke single mother of two, with no resources, money, help or partners, Wendi created a multi-million dollar transformation business for devoted followers who seek real change. Her work caught the attention of the media, such as the Queen Latifah Show and she quickly became an authority on how to make rapid and massive change in your mind, body and spiritual life. grew to experience millions in sales in a short time, reaching the hearts and minds of people who understood how her sincerity and passion could transform their lives.

According to a write up on Wendi in the Financial Times: “You probably never learned about the ENERGY OF MONEY. You were not taught the principles of manifesting abundance, creating powerful, motivating beliefs, and how to visualize your success until your subconscious accepts it as real. And you NEVER had the amazing chance to discover how you can create wealth almost effortlessly. You believed what you were told about working really hard, nothing comes easy, life is hard, and that money doesn’t buy happiness”. In this episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Keisha Blair, Wendi explains it all.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

• Wendi’s amazing entrepreneurial journey and how she went from flat broke to a multi-millionaire in a few short years.

• How to release the blocks to success. Identify what your "wall" is and feel the freedom of breaking through limits.

• How to find the part of you that continues to sabotage your success. Learn about it's positive intention and discover what it needs in order to allow you the freedom to make money.

• How to explore your future timeline to find out how your mind really projects your future. Talk with your future self and find out what you need to know from your future self, in order to have success.

• Learn about experiencing your goals and dreams on your future timeline. Placing them in your mind's future timeline, then experiencing them as real, will blast you out of your comfort zone!

• Learn about the art of manifesting your desire, sending it out into the universe as energy, and creating a magnetic force that will bring to you EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

• Hear about the simple, yet powerful process to eliminate negativity, release old limiting beliefs and replace them with solid, powerful beliefs. You can use this process for many of your inner conflicts and emotional blocks.

• Learn what happened when Wendi reveals her personal financial identity quiz results, based on Keisha Blair’s Personal Financial Identities Framework, and how you can maximize and harness the strengths of your own personal financial identity.

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