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Holistic Wealth: A Deep Dive into Loud Budgeting with 50 Practical Examples

Holistic Wealth: A Deep Dive into Loud Budgeting with 50 Practical Examples 

In this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Keisha Blair, our topic is “Holistic Wealth: A Deep Dive into Loud Budgeting with 50 Practical Examples”. In this episode, we explore the concept of “Loud Budgeting” and its profound connections to the framework of Holistic Wealth. In this episode, we’ll delve into why embracing your Personal Financial Identity is also key to practicing loud budgeting authentically and genuinely and helps to educate those around you about your financial values and goals.

Defining Loud Budgeting: 

Loud budgeting aligns with the principles of Holistic Wealth laid out by Keisha Blair and is very much aligned with the “Art of Recovery from Disruption”. Loud Budgeting goes beyond the traditional confines of traditional budgeting. It’s a dynamic approach that not only allows you to vocalize your constraints around spending, it also helps you to track expenses but also aligns with your core values and beliefs. Loud budgeting is a TikTok trend writer and comedian Lukas Battles started. He explained that loud budgeting is a “way to say no when friends, and family, invite (or pressure) you to spend money you don’t want to”. 

The loud budgeting movement is about financial authenticity and financial transparency. Loud budgeting empowers you to say, “No thanks, that’s not aligned with my current goals.” Loud budgeting helps you to enforce and vocalize your boundaries when it comes to managing your money. This podcast episode serves as a guide, providing 50 practical examples to help keep you accountable to your budget with resonance and purpose. 

Resources Used In This Episode: 

The Value of Personal Financial Identity Framework and Loud Budgeting: 

The Personal Financial Identity Framework gives you the tools to budget out loud. Embracing your personal financial identity is invaluable for communicating your money goals and values authentically. This self-awareness not only enhances your financial decision-making but also serves as a guide for others to comprehend your money values. There’s an entire chapter on the Personal Financial Identity framework in the Holistic Wealth Expanded and Updated book. The free Personal Financial Identity quiz is available on the Institute on Holistic Wealth website. 


Personal Financial Identity Quiz Personal Financial Identity 

Holistic Wealth: A Deep Dive into Loud Budgeting with 50 Practical Examples

How To Budget Out Loud 

The Role of Holistic Wealth:
Holistic Wealth extends far beyond monetary gains, encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our exploration of Loud Budgeting within the context of Holistic Wealth outlines a roadmap for aligning your financial goals with a fulfilling and balanced life. 

Educating Others Through Authenticity: 

As you embrace your Personal Financial Identity, you naturally communicate your money values to those around you. This authenticity becomes a powerful tool for educating friends, family, and colleagues about your preferences in spending. Over time, it builds a shared understanding that fosters empathy, understanding, accountability, financial harmony and respect. 

 Strategies for Genuine Loud Budgeting: 

Throughout the episode, we provide actionable tips and strategies for practicing Loud Budgeting authentically. From setting intentional financial goals to incorporating your values into everyday spending decisions, each tip contributes to financial well-being. 

Global Holistic Wealth Day 

Global Holistic Wealth Day, celebrated every year on April 9th is a time to reflect on what it means to be truly ‘wealthy’ and how we can embody the transformational power of living with purpose, collecting experiences, engaging in meaningful work, cultivating your health and well-being, and creating emotional and spiritual connections with others, all while continuously working to build financial stability. Global Holistic Wealth Day and Global Holistic Wealth Week provides the opportunity to practice and fine-tune your “loud budgeting,” skills. Individuals can openly discuss and share their budgeting strategies, financial goals, and success stories. This fosters a sense of community and transparency, breaking down financial taboos and promoting a healthier relationship with money. By participating in loud budgeting on Global Holistic Wealth Day and during Global Holistic Wealth Week, people not only gain valuable insights into managing their finances but also contribute to a global conversation about the holistic nature of wealth, encompassing financial, emotional, and well-being aspects. 

What You Will Learn

  • Definition of Loud Budgeting and the alignment with Holistic Wealth.  
  • The holistic approach of Loud Budgeting and its alignment with physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

  • The significance of your Personal Financial Identity in enhancing your financial decision-making.  
  • 50 Practical strategies for authentically incorporating your values into your budget.  
  • How to educate family and friends about your money goals through Loud Budgeting. 
Holistic Wealth: A Deep Dive into Loud Budgeting with 50 Practical Examples

Topic: Holistic Wealth: A Deep Dive into Loud Budgeting with 50 Practical Examples 

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