Jena Sophia

How To Harness The Power of Your Subconscious Mind To Heal Yourself & Breakthrough Ancestral Money Blocks


In this exciting episode, our special guest is Jena Sophia is a world-renowned Subconscious Specialist and Healer based in London and New York. Jena discusses how we can harness the power of the subconscious mind to heal ourselves and breakthrough ancestral money blocks. After struggling for over a decade with chronic physical illness, including endometriosis and PCOS, Jena’s doctors told her she would have to stay on medication forever to manage her conditions. She then took her life into her own hands and went down a path of self-healing where she was able to completely heal herself of ALL conditions and get off her medication for good using holistic methods. Her doctors called this ‘spontaneous remission’ but Jena likes to call it an ’empowered remission’.

Using her approach based in spiritual and scientific methods collected over the past decade, she helps high performers who have tried everything, transform their stress, emotional traumas, triggers, relationship blocks and physical disease in record time. She is passionate about helping people realign their energy so they can manifest better health, relationships, success and fulfillment.


​Jena believes we all have the ability to transform into our highest selves, free of emotional or physical pain. Jena’s intention is always to help her clients transform their limiting beliefs, stress, past traumas, and ancestral patterns that have contributed to their biggest limitation in life. The purpose of this work is to catalyze you into your own personal power and fulfillment. Jena uses healing techniques and Flower Essences which combines in her intuitive method to rapidly accelerate the change process. Check out this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Jena Sophia in conversation with Keisha Blair!

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

• Jena Sophia’s amazing journey as an entrepreneur, healer and coach to billionaires and CEOs.

• Jena Sophia’s experience with anxiety, reproductive issues and how it shaped her childhood and ultimately her career.

• Jena’s experience with chronic illness, and how she healed herself to become healthy again.

• Jena Sophia’s thoughts on our subconscious mind, epigenetics, happiness and mindset– and how we can empower ourselves every day to control our happiness and joy.

• Learn some tips and strategies to breakthrough ancestral money blocks.

• Jena Sophia’s thoughts on epigenetics, veganism, mental health and her own journey.

• Jena Sophia’s Personal Financial Identity (based on Keisha Blair’s Personal Financial Identities Framework).

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