In this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth Podcast with Keisha Blair, Eliza Revella, founder of discusses how she turned her $1,200 Stimulus Cheque into a $1.3million business in just 10 months. Eliza was laid off from her corporate job, was just divorced and became a single mom of 4 kids. She was tired of being on unemployment benefits and after applying for 53 jobs and not getting a single positive offer, she decided to start her own business after receiving her $1,200 stimulus cheque.  She noticed that there was a void in the market and that Millennial moms, in particular, were looking for information on how to start a business. Seeing that underserved space in the market, she launched Ellie Talks Money in 2020, an online coaching business to help millennials set up businesses, build business credit, and obtain grants. Check out this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Eliza Revella in conversation with Keisha Blair!

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

• Eliza’s journey from corporate America to starting her million-dollar business with her $1,200 Stimulus Cheque.

• Learn how Eliza grew and scaled her business in just 10 months.

• Learn how Eliza used influencer marketing to grow and scale her social media accounts so she could be discovered.

• Learn how you can start an grow a successful business, while keeping your business expenses low and scale fast.

• Learn the system Eliza uses to branch out into different lines of revenue to grow her business.

• Learn about the different tools you can use to manage your business more effectively and strategically.

• Learn how to use social media to build trust with your audience so you can grow your business.

• Eliza’s Personal Financial Identity (based on Keisha Blair’s Personal Financial Identities Framework), and how it has impacted her business and spending/investing philosophy.

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