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Global Holistic Wealth Day 2024: A Celebration of the Global Holistic Wealth Movement with Founder, Keisha Blair

Happy Global Holistic Wealth Day! In this special episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Keisha Blair, our topic is “Global Holistic Wealth Day 2024: A Celebration of the Global Holistic Wealth Movement”. As we celebrate Global Holistic Wealth Day 2024, let us embrace the profound interconnectedness of our lives while recognizing the abundance available in each moment. In this episode of the Holistic Wealth Podcast, we explore Global Holistic Wealth Day and highlight some special ways that people are celebrating Global Holistic Wealth Day 2024 and prioritizing their overall Holistic Wealth, including a Global Holistic Wealth Day Workshop in taking place in Vancouver today led by our Canadian Global Holistic Wealth Day Ambassador, Paige Brettle, and other experts including celebrity trainer Paul Vincent (Star Wars, Black Panther and Mission Impossible), sharing his thoughts about Global Holistic Wealth Day. The global holistic wealth movement has touched the lives of over 50 million people globally – a testament of the impact of the global holistic wealth movement.

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On Global Holistic Wealth Day on April 9th, it’s also crucial to shine a light on the often-hidden threats to our collective holistic wealth. In 2024, despite the growing awareness and emphasis on holistic wealth, several hidden threats continue to pose challenges to our overall well-being. Here are some of the hidden threats to holistic wealth in 2024:

Digital Overload: The pervasive influence of technology and digital devices can lead to information overload, constant distraction, and a disconnect from real-world experiences. Excessive screen time can negatively impact mental health, hinder authentic human connections, and erode our ability to be present in the moment.

Work-Life Imbalance: The blurring of boundaries between work and personal life, exacerbated by remote work arrangements and always-on connectivity, can lead to burnout and diminished overall well-being. Striking a healthy balance between professional responsibilities and personal pursuits is essential for holistic wealth.

Financial Stress: Despite efforts to redefine prosperity beyond financial metrics, economic insecurity and financial stress remain significant concerns for many individuals. Rising living costs, debt burdens, and economic uncertainty can take a toll on mental and emotional health, affecting our overall sense of well-being.

Environmental Degradation: The ongoing environmental crisis, including climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction, threatens not only the health of our planet but also our holistic wealth. Environmental degradation can undermine our physical well-being, disrupt communities, and erode the natural resources essential for sustainable living.

Social Isolation: Despite the interconnectedness facilitated by social media and digital platforms, many people experience feelings of social isolation and loneliness. The lack of genuine human connection and community support networks can contribute to mental health challenges and diminish overall life satisfaction.

Consumer Culture: The pervasive consumer culture, driven by materialism and the constant pursuit of external validation, can lead to a never-ending cycle of consumption and dissatisfaction. Chasing after material possessions and societal status symbols can distract from deeper sources of fulfillment and holistic wealth.


Global Holistic Wealth Day 2024: A Celebration of the Global Holistic Wealth Movement with Founder, Keisha Blair

Health and Racial Inequities: Disparities in access to healthcare, nutritious food, and essential resources disproportionately affect marginalized communities, undermining their holistic wealth. Addressing health inequities requires systemic changes to ensure equitable access to resources and opportunities for all individuals.

Addressing these hidden threats to holistic wealth requires collective action, systemic change, and a shift in societal priorities.

 The Value of Personal Financial Identity Framework

Your personal financial identity is a crucial aspect of your overall financial well-being. It encompasses your beliefs, values, and behaviors related to money. By understanding and embracing your financial identity, you can make more informed decisions about how you spend and save during the spring season. Furthermore, the framework emphasizes the importance of financial literacy and education, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to recognize warning signs and protect their holistic wealth. There’s an entire chapter on the Personal Financial Identity framework in the Holistic Wealth Expanded and Updated book. The free Personal Financial Identity quiz is available on the Institute on Holistic Wealth website.


Personal Financial Identity Quiz 

Global Holistic Wealth Day 2024: A Celebration of the Global Holistic Wealth Movement with Founder, Keisha Blair

Topic: Global Holistic Wealth Day 2024: A Celebration of the Global Holistic Wealth Movement with Founder, Keisha Blair


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