Jeff Garner

Emmy Award-Winning, Celebrity Designer Jeff Garner Talks About Sustainability, Toxic Chemicals and the Links to Breast Cancer

In this exciting episode Emmy-award-winning, celebrity designer Jeff Garner talks about sustainability, the dangers of toxic chemicals and the links to breast cancer. Jeff has designed for and dressed Giselle Bundchen, Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Rihanna, Cara Delivigne, Suzy Cameron and other artists. He recently won an Emmy for his sustainable documentary “Remastered” produced by Design Sensory which shines a light on the toxins in fashion and health implications along with the artist’s journey.

When not designing sustainable garments you can find Jeff surfing or on horseback. Garner surfs twice a day religiously and gets on a horse whenever possible. He is fueled by meditation and acai bowls.  You will never find Jeff wearing any garment that he did not create himself all from plant-based fibres & dyes. Jeff is passionate about getting every human into toxin-free garments. Check out this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Keisha Blair!


What You'll Learn from this Episode:

• Jeff’s Childhood experience of being connected to nature and natural materials growing up on a farm and how that influenced his career and business.

• Jeff’s experience working with celebrities and fashion icons.

• Jeff’s 15 years working in fashion and the surprising materials that our clothes are made from.

• How the effect of toxic chemicals present in most store-bought garments and on our health – especially breast cancer and prostate cancer.

• How the fashion industry has almost no regulation and accountability. The trickle-down effect toxic materials have on people around the world forced to work under inhumane conditions, and their surrounding environments.

• Why we should all buy hemp underwear and sheets .

• The beauty of plant-based dyes .

• The perils of yoga pants and other intimates of your own personal financial identity.

• The diseases and ailments that we assume are all stress and diet-related which may in fact be partially attributed to exposure to toxic garments.

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