Alison Setton

Alison Setton, Certified Holistic Wealth Consultant, Shares Why Becoming A Certified Holistic Wealth Consultant Was So Important for Her.

In this exciting episode, Alison Setton shares why she decided to become a Certified Holistic Wealth™ Consultant via the Keisha Blair Institute on Holistic Wealth. She also shares why and how she made the transition from Environmental Engineering to the world of Finance.

Alison Setton is an insurance and investment brokerage owner and teaches financial literacy at WealthWave, the How Money Works (TM) company in Vancouver, British Columbia.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

• How Alison made the switch from Environmental Engineering to the Financial World.

• Why becoming a Certified Holistic Wealth™ Consultant, with the Institute on Holistic Wealth, was so important for her.

• Learn why financial literacy is so important in today’s world (especially for women)

• Learn about the Personal Financial Identities Framework, created by Keisha Blair, and why its so important to embrace and harness the strengths of your own personal financial identity to increase your wealth and success.

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