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7 Practical Ways to Overcome Anger

7 Practical Ways to Overcome Anger

In this special episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Keisha Blair, our topic is “7 Practical ways to Overcome Anger”. We’re rounding out this month long celebration of Global Holistic Wealth Day and Global Holistic Wealth Week 2024 throughout the entire month of April, it’s fitting to delve into a topic that resonates deeply with our journey towards holistic wealth: overcoming anger. In a world often marred by negativity and strife, mastering our emotions is paramount to achieving inner peace and true prosperity. April, a month marked by transitions and rejuvenation, symbolizes the perfect opportunity to reflect on the significance of addressing anger in our lives. With the chaos and challenges prevalent in today’s world, from social unrest to high inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, environmental concerns, the need to cultivate emotional resilience is more crucial than ever. It’s imperative to recognize that true abundance encompasses not only material prosperity but also mental and emotional well-being. Holistic Wealth Expanded and Updated book, has several chapters to help you master the art of recovery from disruption including dealing with negative emotions. The Holistic Wealth Personal Workbook is also a great resource. Subscribe and tune into this episode of the Holistic Wealth Podcast.

What is anger?

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that usually arises in response to a perceived threat, insult, or injustice. Recognizing the gap between expectations and experiences (current situation) can help manage anger. This gap often triggers frustration when reality doesn’t meet our hopes and desires. It is crucial to recognize that the root cause of anger is internal rather than external. Often anger stems from unprocessed emotions from childhood leading to adult emotions that are disproportionate or inappropriate to the situation.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Anger:

Healthy Anger: Motivates action against injustices such as poverty, and inequality.

Unhealthy Anger: Manifests through destructive outbursts or suppression, causing personal stress, anxiety, and even physical health problems including high blood pressure.

Resources Used In This Episode: 

  • Holistic Wealth (Expanded and Updated): 36 Life Lessons To Help You Recover From Disruption, Find Your Life Purpose and Achieve Financial Freedom 
  • Trauma of Money Certification program Holistic Healing Certification program


7 Practical Ways to Overcome Anger

7 Practical Ways to Overcome Anger

Practical Ways to Manage and Overcome Anger:

Identify Your Triggers: Understand what specifically is causing the anger. Do a personal inventory of your emotions to find the root cause.

Acknowledge Your Feelings: Recognize and accept your anger without judgement.

Mindful Awareness: Cultivate awareness of your emotions by practicing mindfulness. By observing your thoughts and feelings without judgment, you can gain insight into the root causes of your anger and respond with greater clarity and compassion.

Deep Breathing and Relaxation Techniques: Incorporate deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques into your daily routine. By calming the body’s stress response, you can create space for rational thought and prevent anger from escalating into destructive behavior.

Healthy Communication: Foster healthy communication skills to express your feelings assertively and constructively. By effectively communicating your needs and boundaries, you can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts that often fuel anger.

Empathy and Understanding: Cultivate empathy and understanding towards yourself and others. Recognize that everyone experiences anger, and seek to understand the underlying emotions and motivations driving behavior, fostering compassion and forgiveness in the process.

Physical Activity: Engage in regular physical activity to release pent-up energy and reduce stress levels. Whether it’s through yoga, jogging, or dancing, find an activity that allows you to channel your emotions productively and promote overall well-being.

Healthy Boundaries: Establish healthy boundaries to protect your emotional well-being and prevent resentment from building up. Learn to say no when necessary and prioritize self-care to honor your needs and values.

Seeking Support: Don’t hesitate to seek support from trusted friends, family members, or mental health professionals when needed. Recognize that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness, and prioritize your emotional health as part of your holistic wealth journey.

As we bid farewell to April and the celebrations of Global Holistic Wealth Day and Week, let us carry forward the lessons learned and continue to nurture our holistic well-being. By embracing these practical strategies to overcome anger, we can cultivate inner peace, resilience, and true abundance in our lives and communities.


What You Will Learn

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The root causes of anger including the two types of anger (reactions) – Erupters and Stuffers and how they manifest in daily life.
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy anger and the impact of anger on relationships.
  • The Transformative Impact of holistic wealth on businesses and organizations, including improved employee well-being, enhanced corporate social responsibility, and increased overall success.
  • Practical Strategies for coping and managing anger and incorporating holistic wealth into your daily life.

The Holistic Wealth Method and Mindset developed by Keisha Blair and how it helps ibn managing negative emotions including anger.

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  • Holistic Wealth – Holistic Wealth (keishablair.com) Holistic Wealth (Expanded and Updated): 36 Life Lessons To Help You Recover From Disruption, Find Your Life Purpose and Achieve Financial Freedom Certified Holistic Wealth Consultant Program Trauma of Money Certification program Holistic Healing Certification program
  • Check out the new Global Holistic Wealth Day website: www.globalholisticwealthday.com
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